AGFC hatchery personnel have been working extra hard to make sure Lake Poinsett in northeast Arkansas is well stocked with fish following the three-year, $3.3 million lake renovation. Bream and other fish to build a forage base were added a few months back, and earlier in October the staff from the AGFC’s William H. Donham Hatchery in Corning stocked the first catfish in the lake since the renovation was completed last December. Five hundred catchable-size catfish were stocked to provide anglers with fish they can catch in the lake as the fish populations begin to develop.

    Current regulations for the lake are catch-and-release on all bream species and half the daily creel limit for catfish, meaning anglers can harvest 5 catfish a day from Lake Poinsett. We suggest anglers call ahead to the Lake Poinsett State Park visitor center (870-578-2064) to check where the lake stands in pool level before bringing a full-size boat just yet; recent reports had the lake still a ways from completely refilling (it is rainfall dependent). Kayaks and canoes can put in without difficulty now.

    AGFC Fisheries staff also remind everyone that it is unlawful to release native or nonnative aquatic wildlife, including their eggs, into the waters of the state without the written permission of the Chief of Fisheries of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and in compliance with AGFC Code Chapter 35.00 and Addendum Chapters I1.00, J1.00, and V1.00. Importation of live, wild caught fish prohibited.