NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission will return to Dyersburg for its first meeting of the new year, Jan. 12-13 at the Lannom Center. Commission committee meetings will take place Thursday, Jan. 12 beginning at 1 p.m., with full Commission proceedings continuing Friday at 9 a.m.
    Dave Kostersky, Ducks Unlimited Canada will be a guest at the meeting and will provide an overview of the Fall Flights Program. He has been a guest at past meetings of the TFWC to provide information on the partnership with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
    Dr. Brad Cohen, Tennessee Tech University, will provide a report on the mallard research project. A study has been ongoing tracking the movement of ducks and how hunting pressure and other variables impact waterfowl.
    A request will be made to the Retention, Recruitment and Reactivation (R3) committee will be made to develop a new shooting complex within the Doe Mountain Recreational Area in Johnson County. If approved by the United State Federal Wildlife Service (USFWS), the project would be funded by a hunter education grant within the federal wildlife restoration program. The R3 committee will also hear a request for improvement at the Montgomery County Shooting Complex.
    Outreach and Communications Division Director Emily Buck will preview the 2022 TWRA Annual Report. The publication will feature Agency success stories and projects summaries from last year.
    The Biodiversity Division will discuss projects including a pair of endangered species, the cracking pearly mussel and bluemask darter. A report will be made on the upcoming removal of Harm’s Mill Dam. The dam ranked as one of the top eight removal sites in the nation and the TWRA was awarded funds for the project.
    Hunter Daniels, who was announced last summer as the Tennessee Wildlife Officer of the Year for 2021 will be introduced to the Commission. The Shikar Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year will also be announced at the meeting.
    TFWC Chair Angie Box will ask for a report from the nominating committee with recommendations for 2023-23 TFWC officers. She will also nominate a committee to select this year’s Legacy Award recipient.