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Last Updated June 4, 2018



At the time this forecast was written, the lake elevation was 230.1 and falling. The conditions were murky. Look for bass in flooded grass with spinner baits and buzz baits. Look for the clearest water and try their. Some white bass can be caught in the creeks. Crappie fishing is tough. Look for them in the openings of trails, creeks, ditches and similar areas. Fish the trees in those areas first. The best bait should be jig and/or minnow in 3- to 14-feet of water, which is a broad range. Slow trolling them out from the trees should work as well. Look for catfish to bite trotlines baited with cut bait to work best. Tightline them around tributaries with cut bait as well.


Ron Wong (lroutdoors.com) told us, "Sardis Lake is still 11 feet above normal summer pool which provides lots of cover throughout the lake where the recent spawns have occurred. Male bass will be guarding fry in these areas. The main lake is clearing but still stained and surface temps are rising to due the warmer then normal weather. Some good bass can be caught early and late on buzz baits or a Whopper Plopper over flooded grass in backs of major creeks like Hurricane, Toby Tubby and Clear. During the day in the same creeks, bass can be caught on secondary points with a Texas-rigged dark colored Rage Tail Thumper worm or Rage Bug. Bass are starting to get on main lake points especially on the north side of the lake. Strike King 3XD an 5XD crankbaits in a shad color will catch some good fish. Crappie can be caught several different ways now. For the jig fisherman, vertical jig a 1/8th ounce Pro Built jig rigged with a Bobby Garland Slab Slay'R around deeper standing wood in Buzzard Roost slough or the Piney Point areas. Capps & Coleman double minnow rigs fished slowly 10 - 12 feet deep over deeper water between Hurricane and Clear creek will catch many fish with some good keepers. For those that like to troll crankbaits, use the Strike King series 3 or 3XD in bright colors around the Holiday Lodge area. Catfishing is good around any rip rap areas such as boat ramps. Best baits are night crawlers and cut shad with cut skipjack the best. White bass are excellent in the river around the Highway 7 bridge using a Strike King series 3 in a shad color or a 1/4 ounce Peanut Craft Lure jig rigged with a 3 inch curl tail grub. Bream fishing is good on shallow flats around the back of creeks using crickets or wax worms 2 to 3 feet deep."

Our source for the Greenville runs and for the MS River is Terry Bates of Big River Guide Service. Terry told us, "Fishing in the Mississippi Delta has been good to great over the past month. Fishing at Lake Ferguson has been good with the falling water; however, the mighty Mississippi River has started back rising so this will change things some. Lots of fish were being caught on lakes connected to the river as well before this rise, so we'll just have wait and see how much it's going to go.
When the water is falling or rising, current is now running in many ditches and drains. With current come the fish. Bass, bream and catfish are biting. For bass, spinner baits, top water, jigs, just about anything will catch them when they move in to feed. Normally, the fish will move in and out, running in and getting a few bits in and then moving back out. Any current break or hole will hold fish. Most of these areas have massive amount of cover in and around them so make sure you have good line. I normally use 20 pound Vicious Fluorocarbon line on my Jigs/tubs/ spinner baits around this cover. Vicious fluorocarbon is invisible underwater and has almost no stretch and great sensitivity which means more hookups! With the falling water, fish are also moving to main lake points, rocky banks and deep rock and sand humps. Deep running crank baits, Carolina rigs, 10" power worms and football head jigs are also starting to be productive. These deep patterns will improve as the water falls. Again I'm using fluorocarbon line in these situations. I like 15 pound Vicious for all the above fishing. It's great on big crank baits, football head jigs and Carolina rigs.
Bream are biting as well. The water is still high, but around some of the ditches good sizes and numbers are being caught. Bream like most fish will move to the outside of trees lines or rocky banks with the falling water. Crickets and worms are of course the best baits.
For catfish, you best bet is moving water too. The fish can be in the ditches, at the mouth or in deeper holes. The mouth of Lake Ferguson is a great place to catch some really nice catfish right now. Normally lots of fish are located close to the mouth when the water is falling this fast.
At Lake Washington, fishing are biting as well. A few crappie are still being caught in shallow water but most are doing well trolling. Normally crappie are finished spawning by now, but I guess due to the muddy water, they all have not spawned yet. So right now you can catch them which every way you prefer. As far as numbers goes, I think trolling is going to produce more and larger fish. Bream and catfish are also biting well. Crickets fished about a foot deep around the cypress knees and trees are catching fish. For more info on Lake Washington, you can contact Mike Jones at Bait-N-Thangs 662/827/2666.
Anyone wanting to go Fishing or need more info can call me at Big River Guide Service at 662/390/3886, GOOD FISHING TO ALL!!!!!!
Also please remember keep what you can eat, release the rest for the next person!"