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Last Updated November 28, 2018


Brian Barton told us, "This month will be a little more difficult for catching numbers of catfish than the previous months. Passing cold fronts and falling water temps will decrease the activity and mood of the fish. Fish will also begin to school up in large numbers, which means locating them will be more difficult. If anglers can locate a school of fish in a feeding mood the action can be good. The key to catching fish now is to anchor down and fish stationary. Try to present baits right at the fish and leave it as still as possible. Cut the bait size down and use a smaller hook like a 3/0 or 5/0. Cut baits will still be best, along with whole shad minnows. I like to cut the tail off the small shad in colder water. Concentrate on deeper water in the lower 1/3 of the lake. I like the Steenson Hollow area on the south side of the lake in 60 to 80 feet of water. The bluff lines from Indian Springs downstream to Wilson Dam will be good. Here focus on steep ledges and the base of Jackson Island.
Last year December on Pickwick Lake was on fire. Use live shad on the river ledges and holes in river channel to double on both catfish and bass. I like the ledges from Natchez Trace to Brush Creek on both sides of the lake. There are several holes in the river channel that are 3 to 10 feet below the remaining bottom. Anchor just upstream of the hole and allow your bait to drift back into the hole. Fish will normally be positioned at the front end or along the top edge of the hole. Walking bait with a three way swivel or simply a split shot above a hook will both work fine. Drift the main river channel from O'neal Bridge to the head of Seven Mile Island to catch numbers of smallmouth. For catfish concentrate on the base of the bluff line at Sheffield and the rock row near Tuscumbia Landing. Live shad minnows are always best but small cut bait chunks or bait shop shiners will also work. For up to date photos and information visit us on Facebook at Brian Barton Outdoors or the web at www.brianbartonoutdoors.com."
For guide trips for Catfish, Striper, or live bait fishing, contact Brian Barton at [email protected] or visit the website at www.brianbartonoutdoors.com."